What customers say about the work of trans-agrar

trans-agrar allows profi International to meet the standards demanded by our readers. Without Barbara’s keen eye for detail it would be much harder to get the German profi articles factually correct – trans-agrar is very much a part of the profi International team.”

Mervyn Bailey
profi international

“I was thinking of you recently regarding some more translation. I haven’t used anyone else for German since we last communicated. You are just so good.”

Ike Dart
Technical Author / Mech. Design
RDS Technology Ltd

“[…] you are a very trusted source for the German and that makes me trust you for the other languages.”

Jill Walton
TeeJet Technologies

“Your translation of our website is fantastic. We find the texts have slogan quality. They are emotional and exciting.”

Christiane Pechstein
Corporate Communications
Schumacher.plus GmbH